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WECHEER's Smart Bottle Opener: Transforming Consumer Connections

When you develop an innovative product, you need the right partners who understand your vision and can bring it to life.

WECHEER, a leader in revolutionizing the sales value chain for Consumer-Packaged Goods companies, found such a partner in Lineo.

The goal: to elevate WECHEER's Smart Bottle Opener, a groundbreaking IoT tool that's reshaping how beer and soft drink brands connect with their staff and consumers.

IoT devive developed by Lineo Engineering together with WECHEER
WECHEER - Smart Bottle Opener

Imagine a device that not only opens bottles but also captures data to reward users for their interactions. That's the essence of WECHEER's Smart Bottle Opener. But turning this idea into a reality required more than just ingenuity; it demanded a deep understanding of mechanical engineering, material selection, and design for manufacturing.

When WECHEER needed to enhance reliability, reduce costs, and ensure waterproofing for their Smart Bottle Opener, Lineo stepped in, integrating into WECHEER 's global team.

Lineo played a crucial role in the project, adapting to tight budgets and timelines, ensuring smooth project execution and exceptional results.

Lineo developed FOR WECHEER a smart bottle opener
Smart Bottle Opener

An example of collaboration was finding a good material supplier that resolved critical issues with material selection, light diffusion, and injection molding, leading to outstanding results that would not have been possible otherwise. Lineo was present on-site in Vietnam during plastic injection and production validation testing. The hands-on approach and quick adjustments ensured the project stayed on track, demonstrating commitment to WECHEER 's success.

The partnership between WECHEER and Lineo has been amazing, showcasing how teamwork and expertise can create something remarkable like the Smart Bottle Opener. Lineo is incredibly grateful for the chance to work on this project and contribute to its success.


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