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The Year in Review: The Highlights of 2021 | Lineo Engineering

Today, we reflect on the lessons learned from a second year of pandemic. We discuss the manner in which our work changed, the successful projects we became part of, the events we joined and our vision for 2022.

We are constantly changing the way we work and learn

Over the course of this year, we made some shifts in the way we manage operations, collaborate with partners or clients and also adapted to recent technological changes. Let’s have a quick look at some of these aspects:

  • A change in the product development process - by using Agile methods (especially Scrum adapted to the Mechanical design process), we managed to move faster and better involve our customers in the product development processes.

  • We reached a higher level of flexibility, through dynamic resources allocation on the projects, and conceptualizing custom product development processes for each customer, adjusted to product needs, and aligned with the customers’ project timeline.

  • Design validation by intensely using 3D-printing technologies - this allowed us to prototype, test and reiterate the products in a faster manner.

Moreover, we embedded in the organizational culture a continuous improvement mindset for the provided services and design methodologies.

Investing in our development As a company, we invested in opening an assembly location for a small series of mechanical and electronic products. More details to come!

Projects and outcomes

2021 was a productive year for Lineo - we started the development for new prototypes and delivered them on time; also, we’ve been involved in research work for various industries and customers from Europe, US, and Asia.

To name a few of the products we began developing this year:

  • Trolley Desk - A mobile office Trolley designated for people who work from their car.

  • MOX 2nd generation - An electrical heating device for liquids.

  • Perifit 2nd generation - A Kegel exercises device

  • E-Bike - 3 Wheel electric vehicle, with tilting system

  • E-Moped - 3 Wheel electric vehicle, with tilting system

  • Battery pack - A Electric Boat high performance waterproof battery pack, with passive cooling system

  • BMS - A Electric Boat waterproof BMS with passive cooling system

  • Blue Light Cut - Demonstrator for Eyeglass lenses

  • Simply Bread Oven – Electric Oven designated to Micro Bakeries

  • Automatic Disinfectant

Our customers include: Mobotiq, Perifit, Somi, Ecomar, Modeo, Stuck, Automatic disinfectant.

The most significant events in 2021, for Lineo

Our team members joined two local tech events. These provided valuable insights about this industry, provided a chance to promote our work and better understand the way the pandemic impacted the local economy.

Nevertheless, this year Lineo Engineering obtained the ISO 9001 certification - setting clear standards for the quality management system. In short, this standard certifies that customers get consistent, good-quality products and services, which in turn brings numerous business benefits.

Thoughts for 2022

Over the course of the next year, Lineo will continue to accelerate its business development strategy, by continuing to provide product development engineering services to a wide variety of industries, addressing larger customers and complex products. Regarding engineering services, we plan to speed up the product development process and validation for our customers, by improving the internal engineering processes, control methods, and planning builds in time with the manufacturing suppliers.

Networking: Our plans for the next year include extending our network of collaborators, and manufacturing suppliers. 2022 will also be about launching the first product developed and financed by Lineo, in partnership with a contributor.

Do you have a project that requires product development? Get in touch and our dedicated team of professionals will gladly assist you with the enquiry.

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